Update: Celtics are good

…and not just on offense like in previous years.

Early in the game, the Celtics showed that they have improved on much more than just offense. With the addition of Hayward and the improvement of Tatum’s defense, I am as close as I have ever been to calling this an elite defense. Though the defensive improvements may be a fluke, there is one thing that is certain: the Celtics bench could make the playoffs this year.

Full game stats can be found here

Kyrie: He came out with a mission tonight though he was hardly trying. It was easy to tell that he loves where he is at and where the team is at. I don’t think I have ever seen Kyrie having this much fun in a game before.

Hayward: Hardly looked like he missed a step. Some of the execution wasn’t there but that will come with time and confidence.

Horford: This dude is the same every game, always reliable. Nothing new here.

Tatum: Looked anxious to get back to the playoffs, I worry that he may get in a slump during the regular season.

Brown: Looked completely bored and I don’t blame him, pre-season is just a formality for him and he’s trying not to get hurt.

Bench: The first half bench unit consisted of Morris, Rozier, Baynes, and Ojeleye and they were on fire! Responsible for 26 of the 60 first-half points. Morris kind of looked like a dad, but a dad that could be a starter on a lot of other teams. Terry was solid, he will be a great asset deep into the season. Baynes took a few threes and looked extremely comfortable.


Conclusion: Basketball is back! That is the biggest news from tonight. Other than that the Celtics looked as we expected them to. When the effort is there this team is as good as any. This will be an exciting season.

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