Isaiah Thomas to Join the Celtics? We take a closer look at if it’s even possible.

If there has ever been a dramatic love story in the NBA it is between Isaiah Thomas and the city of Boston. The day I.T. lost his sister in a horribly unexpected way, Boston was there for him. The city loved…still loves Isaiah. He always had a way of illuminating the crowd at T.D. Garden and bringing a level of fierceness to the game. We will always love and respect I.T. Now might be the perfect opportunity to bring him home.

Isaiah Thomas

His free agency has not gone as planned. Had he hit the market after his last year in Boston he would have been in line for a max deal. Through his injury and difficulty meshing with LeBron James, his value as taken a major plunge. There are few teams willing to take a chance on him in free agency this year. Boston and I.T. both know what he is capable of but it seems the league has forgot. Potentially due to the forward heavy style of play that has become popular. Maybe due to his injury and not being able to prove himself again. Whatever the reasons may be it is a good situation for the Celtics. There are two options to get Isaiah back on the Celtics:

Option #1 The Now:

Marcus Smart signs for way more money than the Celtics are willing to pay him. This clears up cap space to sign Isaiah Thomas to a one-year deal for him to prove himself again. He would be competing with Kyrie for the future of the team as they will both be free agents next year. Which brings me to option #2.

Option #2 The Later:

I.T. signs a one-year prove-it deal with a scrub team. As a result, he would be able to run the offense and get his value back up. In the event that Kyrie decides he wants to play with Jimmy Butler and have more of a GM role with a new team, we would still have access to I.T. in the future. The Celtics could theoretically offer Isaiah in the 18-20 million range for 3 years.


No matter which option you like, it is good for Celtics fans that we will not be hurting at PG for some time. Even if everything goes wrong we will have at least a Terry Rozier level player at that position. The good news is, we have options.



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