2019 Free Agency is Going to be Wild for the Entire League

2019 Free Agency will have a much different feel that the 2018 Free Agency that we are currently going through. The Celtics among many other teams have their foundational pieces up for grabs (if they opt out of their player options). Here is the Celtics 2019 Free Agent class so far:

Big Al will probably opt-in to his contract considering the league tends to have a negative opinion of him. Kyrie will opt out of his player option in the 2019 Free Agency to get a max deal. His return to Boston is really a toss-up at this point. There have been reports that Ky wants to play with Jimmy Butler, maybe there will be a new Jimmy in town after we lost Jimmy GQ to the 49ers. For the Celtics to land Butler they would have to let Terry, among others, walk. Danny Ainge is obsessed with Terry so there is a good chance that will not be happening.

For Morris and Theis it will come down to the market at that exact time, the market can shift dramatically in one year. We are all seeing this with Isaiah Thomas’ Free Agency. More on Isaiah later. Marcus will definitely have more market value than Theis though if Robert Williams decides to put in the work and hustle there is no telling if the team will need either of those pieces.


Potential pickup for the Celtics 2019 Free Agency:

Jimmy Butler would not be the best fit in my opinion but his charisma with Kyrie would not be a bad thing for the team and the locker room. It would take a lot of movement to land Jimmy in Boston during the 2019 Free Agency.

If Boogie proves that he can still play after his injury there will be a few teams going for him in the 2019 Free Agency. But not ALL the teams will be going for him due to his overwhelming personality. With Al creeping up in age and depending on how Robert Williams progresses, Demarcus could be a good fit with the Celtics.

The Celtics might lose Marcus Smart in this offseason or next. If he signs a one-year qualifying offer this year the market will be more open next year. Lance would be a great replacement for Smart’s hustle plays should he leave.

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